I like to meet like mindet  artists, hackers, makers in mechatronics, animatronics, electronics, programmers, sculptors

Together we could  design and build electronic circuits with micro controllers for Solar Systems, household or cars. 
I also use the ATtiny or Arduino based microcontrollers.
Most contollers need an additional electronic circuit design and programming to function.
Technical specialists and volunteers to help you with any technical needs.
I am looking for like minded people to share a workshop. People with different skill set like programming,
mechanics, robotics, CNC, Laser and so on to create a work group of people that can make and teach things. 
Also people who want to leran things are welcome.

Roberts Instructables can be found here.
Robert teaches,
  • Basic electronics,
  • soft soldering,
  • parts reconition and orinetation.
  • Intro to use Micro controllers, ATTiny 85, Arduino. C programming, uploading  and outsourcing.
  • Eagle Cad, circuit board design,
  • 3D printing. How to calibrate and use a 3D  Cocccon Create 3D printer.
  • Designing a part in Tinkercad.
  •  Editing other designs found on Thingiverse.

Art Painting on canvas
  • learn how to use acrylic paints, mixing of colours
  • learn how to paint a picture in OIL. Mediums Guash, water colour, acrylic, oil.
  • Restoring figutrines. use of fillers.

  • learn how to savley use carpenrty tools. Hand tools.

  • Learn how to use a metal lathe, oxy torch, welding, hard soldering on metal.
  • Jewellery making in silver.  From wax design to casting and polishing.

  • Learn all about batteries and make your own battery cut out switch.
  • Learn how to solder LIPO batteries and aluminium.

​​Or meet Robert at GC Techspace on the Gold Coast Australia.
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